True compassion

“True compassion does not come from wanting to help out those less fortunate than ourselves but from realizing our kinship with all beings.”

~ Pema Chödrön


Heart of darkness

I’ll give you, my friend, a picture, an image that can relay what I feel about training and teaching:Heart of darkness

I train, alone on roof top, again, with  hands and feet as weights. Middle of the night, middle of Europe, the busiest oil refinery in the world, is glowing to me in the orange night sky. I like the movement in this setting, as it allows me to freely do. I do not miss the golden Mediterranean shores, I carry waves in my arms. 

Why do I teach without words, trying to convey a meaning without falling into the textual pit?
Because there is a smile when people move.

One move, and many hopes. I give up the normality of trying to suffer like everybody. I give up trying to understand this suffering intellectually, textually. 
I give it up while breathing, distilling – inhaling thoughts, pollutants and urban night air and exhaling movement. 
Trying to get rid of this ache through either “normality” or false community is sysiphian, a punishment of self induced god – Move out of it, breath in. 

When I move, the I turns into “I do”.
This is the evolution of thought, this way we, Niradin practitioners, roll the wheel of Dharma, with the hands: Turning, turning, breathing, moving – we substitute movement for every obligation we ever had. 

This, my friend, is Niradin. Work it out, breath.

Eat what you can

nutrition and especially ,new strategies to deprive some aspects of wrong doing in the matter.are not making me happier,neither do i see the ‘step forward ‘ in human digestion,

as long as we are divorced from the planetary food chain, and creating uneven distribution mechanisms,there is nothing to talk about health and nutrition .and thats a very full stop.forget about diets and super foods,thing plankton and worms,

thats the area with light in the end of the digestive tunnel!