Nir Lin Adin is the headmaster of the Niradin system.
Living as a modern day sadhu and a wandering therapist, Nir roams the world teaching, healing, and walking. After a life of training in Martial arts and Yoga in China, Macau and India, Nir integrated the hidden aspects of Chi-gong, Yoga and sacred dancing into a coherent, unique system of movement that he has been teaching all over the world.

Nir is a wandering healer and naturopath who worked with Sinai Beduins, Aborigines in Australia and addicts in Germany using plants, movement and science.
He is always somewhere else, but can be contacted at Nir on Facebooknirnotfar@hotmail.com or +436764706519 


Gaby Frischländer is a senior teacher of Niradin.
Recently traveling the world, Gaby combines movement, meditation, Bhakti and compassion. Under the tutelage of Nir, Gaby evolved his movement patterns of karate and Ninjutsu into a soft but energetic mind-craft.
Gaby can be contacted at 054-4955333


Yossi Sheriff is a senior teacher of Niradin.
Under the tutelage of Nir, Yossi integrated Ninjutsu kamae and Sufi chanting with the Lo ka pa fat system they learned in Macau.
Yossi is the current headmaster of AKBAN Academy and teaches conflict management and prevention at DETANT.
You can contact Yossi at 052-5108747


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